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sidhe_gealach's Journal

Taryn Gealach
4 September
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i'm LEFT-HANDED!!! and i'm a feminist...in a way...i think women are defiantly treated better then before, but there's still a long way to go...

i really dont know lots about some of these interests but would like to know more...and some i know a whole heap about

as u can see, i'm 16 and a woman....or chick...or whatever....and i like thinking...a lot....just kinda stressed and will sometimes hate thinking...i'm full of contradicitions....oh well
acting, aisling, anger, arianrhod, art, arthurian legend, astrology, avalon, black, black cats, books, candles, caustic, caustic remarks, celtic knots, celtic language, celtic lore, celtic music, celtic myth, celtic wisdom, celts, cerridwen, chaos, coffee, computer games, creative, creativity, dark poems, dark poetry, darkness, dawn, death, dieing, dreams, druidry, druids, earth, edgar allen poe, elements, elves, exploring, eyes, faeries, fantasy, feminism, femminism, forests, forgotten realms, gaelic, goddess, goth, gothic, hate, herbs, history, human mind, icewind dale ii, individuality, insane, insanity, insence, intellegence, internet, ireland, irish language, isle of avalon, jazz, learning, left, left hand, left-handed, life, literature, living, lord of the rings, maddness, magic, mathematics, medieval, meditation, men, middle earth, midnight, mists of avalon, monty pythons, moon, morrigan, music, mysterious, mythology, nature, night, nyx, occult, ogham, onyx, people, philosophers, philosophy, piano, picts, poe, poems, poetry, pre-roman britan, pridd, priestess, psychology, rain, rammstein, reading, religion, role playing games, rpgs, runes, sarcasm, sardonic, sardonic remarks, sidhe, sigils, stars, sunrise, supernatural, talona, the hobbit, theater, theatre, theology, thinking, thoughts, tool, travel, trees, universe, vintage, vintage clothing, wales, weird, weirdos, welsh, wild, winter, wisdom, wolfhounds, words, writing, writing dark poems, writing dark poetry, writing poems, writing poetry