Taryn Gealach (sidhe_gealach) wrote,
Taryn Gealach

Badmitten and Feminism

so at school for pe i play badmitten (oh hell i cant spell it)...any way, we've got eight courts and we're playin singles now.....so we have two groups for this tournament thingy.....one group is courts 1-8, and the other group is courst 9-16......get it so far? well my pe teacher was going to have all of courts 1-8 start out as guys and all of 9-16 start as girls! EXCUSE ME! I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but there wern't enough guys, so she pulled four girls to be on 1-8....................HOW WRONG IS THAT! excuse me, but i'd like to know exactly where the hell she gets off putting guys on better courts than the girls.........now if a girl wind on court 9, she can then move on up to court 8.....so she's in the group with the guys....and if a guy on court 8 looses, he goes to court 9....and so forth.........but my god! that is just horrible.........the fact that the guys are automatically ahead! they automatically have a better chance of gettin a good grade!!!!!! because a big part of our grade is based on which court we end on! DAMN! THIS IS SO CONTORTED!!!
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