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Another Friday

so yes it is the weekend again....and i am happy about it....but weary of the week! so tired! so very tired! i need a week of sleep, and all i get are two days!!!!!! there has to be a better way to educate today's youth than making them go to school 7 hours a day 5 days a week starting early in the morning......and with hours of homework as well..........so far nothing new has happened really...its all pretty much the same...school, homework, dinner, more homework, bed.....oh except that is a lie...because i just mailed my entry into CSSSA!!! it's a summer school for the arts in southern california...and i hope i get it! oh it'd be awesome....u had to mail a video of urself playing w/e instrument (mine was the piano) playing two contrasting styles of music...so i played the openning theme to Greig's Piano Concerto and a song my dad wrote called Behind the Blue Door which is a jazzy piece........that's deffinatly contrasting....man i hope i get in...
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