Taryn Gealach (sidhe_gealach) wrote,
Taryn Gealach

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Past Weeks

these past weekends i've done a 30 hour famine, participated in a Shakespeare Tournament, and gone on a skiing trip! i had a blast at all of those!! yet still....i'm feeling down...how is that? skiing was great...improved and had fun......the Shakespeare thing was a blast as well...we did well plus the people who went were great.......the 30 hour famine was great because the idiots i thought were going to go didnt......yet still this feeling of horrible sadness.....i know i'm this white middle class girl...so what do i have to grieve about? but that makes no sense...because the fact i dont have to worry about food doesn't mean i need not worry about anything! but i do worry about much...my future...my past.......and the present is just too horrible to think on too much.......how i wished i lived in another world completely!
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