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Lone Wolf

at my school, i'm the lone wolf...so to speak.......but i decided to change that this year! i fucking cant stand the girls at my school. they only talk about boys, and what she said to this other girl and how bitchy that was, hair, makeup, clothing, how their gunna fail their (insert idiot class here) final, what they're gunna do after school, how drunk they got such and such a day, and so on and so forth.....and i can't stand it! so in highschool i became the lone wolf...and then i found a few friends...and guess what the hell happened! go ahead and guess!!! they moved, or graduated! all of them.....so sophmore year was an odd year at lunch...and this year (junior year) i decide hell, i'm gunna get myself some ppl to hang with at lunch....and so i do.....i've had friends this whole time, just not people i'd hang with! so i decide to hang with a couple of guys i know.....and soon i'm the only girl that hangs with all them guys...and its not like they talk about anything so much more sophisticated than the girls...it's just not quite so stupid, instead of all this norcisistic stuff they talk about computers, and games, and girls (which is hillarious) and sometimes about semi-meaningful stuff...like their feelings on certian issues (War on Iraq, Patriot Act, religion...and other things).....but they'll go out and do shit (movies, bowling, lake...plans for senior ditch day next year).......and i'm excluded in all of them! why? because i have two legs instead of three, i got two boobs made of more than just fat...im the girl....and these people are having the worst time looking at me as "one of the guys" not that i concider myself a guy...but i'm a person damnit, just a fucking person...and u'd think they'd be able to handle the idea of me goin places with them w/o any sexual tension seeing as i've hung out at lunch with them for a LONG time and i've known them and stuff........but no!! so when they all talk of going here or there....i'm stuck at home, doing nothing....or talking to u fine people (which isn't bad)...but i'm not goin ne where, and i like these people...and they dont do this to be mean...they just cant get that i might wanna hang with them! or maybe they just dont want the girl to ruin they're guy time...but my god it's not like i'm such a girly girl! argh!!! so i guess this is just a rant about how i'm lonely...i want friends to go places with...but i'm not gunna get that in this town, no siree.......................
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