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Today's events

i actually didnt go to school today. i did a drama recruitment thing at the junior high in my town. went around to the classes and did improv games. it was fun really. the bad part is that the idiot kids (8th graders) wont participate in the games. so i'm out there, givin it my all, trying to make it exciting and funny and the kid who's supposed to be doin the game with me is just standing there...the idiots! damned idiots! bah! and to top it off, damned J------ was so wanting to be bossy. i was the "leader" or whatever...except there wasn't really a leader, but whatever....but she thinks just cuz she's done the recruitment before she's the one in charge, except other people have done it before too, and what's more.....she didn't know the damned specifics of this year! BAH! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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